Prevention and Treatment of Stretch Marks

Cracks do not occur due to autoimmune and infection, which are the two main causes of skin diseases. Most skin diseases are either metabolic like psoriasis or infections like fungal infections. Topical steroids and antibiotics are used effectively to treat many skin diseases.

Apart from these skin diseases, there may be scars on the skin resulting from damage from any disease or trauma that has resolved. These scars are either treated with creams if possible, and if the scars are larger, the only way is plastic surgery.

The problem with stretch marks is that they are neither caused by autoimmune or infectious disease nor are these superficial scars. These scars occur when the skin is stretched beyond its natural elastic limit. The skin is stretched; The dermis, which is the deep vascular inner layer of the skin, feels the stress and the blood vessels in it are damaged. The body’s physical healing ability works in healing the blood vessels by leaving a scar known as a crack in the skin.

Skin stretching takes place during maternity, bodybuilding, and adolescence, when growth is very rapid. Therefore, it is quite easy to see when you might get stretch marks, and trying precautionary measures will save you from many hassles.

These scars sometimes disappear without any intervention. Otherwise, there are no more treatments effectively applied to help other plastic surgeries. However, getting the skin good enough to tolerate stretching when necessary, such as during pregnancy and growing rapidly during puberty, can prevent these scars. There are countless creams that can be used to prevent scars in this way and sometimes to treat stretch marks when there are really small scars on the skin.

Some other methods, such as dermabrasion, are sometimes helpful in addressing these scars. When the stress is deep and difficult to overcome, plastic surgery is the special way to help them. Between prevention and treatment, there are methods to hide stretch marks with makeup called camouflage makeup.

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