Pregnant Women Can Still Have Sex During Pregnancy

Is sex during pregnancy safe for you and your baby? Many partners are concerned about having sex during pregnancy, fearing that intercourse may harm the baby or cause pain in pregnant women. The baby is well protected by a fluid in the womb and womb. No injuries occur during gentle, loving sex, and the fetus does not care what its mother and father are doing.

Mothers with normal pregnancies or pregnant women, sex is considered safe at all stages of pregnancy. But if your pregnancy is at high risk, you may need to be more careful and seek advice from your healthcare provider.

Women who are pregnant want different positions/styles, which means they have a higher sex drive than when they are not pregnant. However, many expectant mothers find that during certain stages of pregnancy, their sexual desires fluctuate and they lose interest in sex. As their bodies grow, they become anxious and feel uncomfortable.

Women also lose their desire and motivation because they are busy with the excitement of becoming a mother, but are afraid of pain during childbirth. On the other hand, there are reasons why sex is not so enjoyable: fear of harming the baby, nausea, fatigue, clumsiness, etc. Instead, couples continue to have sex during their baby’s first year of life.

Couples find positions that are suitable for them, especially in the later stages of baby development. It is recommended that the woman avoid lying on her back during sex to avoid putting pressure on the blood vessels in the baby’s fourth month phase. Most common positions are side-lying, spooning, or female-on-top as an alternative to the traditional position. Others say it’s more enjoyable during the pregnancy phase, especially when couples try the positions. It improves couples’ relationships and intimacy.

The hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy play a role in your lovemaking responses, as do the trimesters. While many women feel too tired and nauseous to care much in the first trimester, the second trimester brings a new sense of pleasure as their tummy grows, and then the desire may subside in the third trimester.

Problems with sexuality during pregnancy

Some women experience mild contractions during arousal and orgasm, but these contractions are not the same as during labor.

However, sex may be prohibited if pregnant women have certain complications, such as vaginal bleeding, or have any pregnancy-related issues. A low-lying placenta can cause some bleeding, as sometimes women bleed heavily and endanger the baby.

Pregnant women with chlamydia or gonorrhea must pass a series of tests and sexual intercourse is not allowed to avoid risk to the baby. A woman infected with herpes has a chance of passing the virus to her baby during childbirth. Therefore, it is advisable to have a sex partner to avoid any complications.

Alternative to sex if not allowed

But pregnant women with so many complications and advice to avoid sex were spending their time talking, massaging, kissing, cuddling and hugging each other.

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