Noise Pollution and Health Effects

I’m good at my job because I have a fever to learn and be knowledgeable. I’ll usually start with a thought and continue from there to research, interview, research, test, research, research, research.

When I really have a problem, I find the solution. When people don’t agree to my terms, they call me Mr Fix it or Mr All-Knowing.

A friend of mine likes to play a game with me, where he will “summarize” a problem and ask me to figure out why with very little. For example, he recently told me that his friend who lives near an airport suffers from high blood pressure.

I can’t tell him that’s exactly the problem. Once these are verified, the root cause can be easily found. I also need additional information about his health problem, age and lifestyle.

Airports always have more noise. Noise can also be a cause for a person’s health problem. I used my strategies to figure out exactly what the problem was. I learned about the health problems caused by noise pollution.

Environmental Noise, otherwise called Noise Pollution. The unbearable noise made by people, machines and animals is called environmental noise.

Ear pain can be felt at 120 decibels. If it is 85 decibels, we cannot hear it. This causes tinnitus (tinnitus) and hearing loss. If we hear noise at 45 decibels, we cannot sleep.

Noisy people, barking dogs, or loud stereo systems do not necessarily cause hearing loss, but can cause irritation and anger.

Noise comes from cars, trains, airplanes, factory machinery and construction machinery.

People get high blood pressure even if they don’t listen to noise for a long time. High blood pressure leads to insomnia, digestive problems, mental problems and memory loss.

Location doesn’t matter. Whether at work or home, health problems come. Problems can be deafness, mental illness, heart problems, ulcers.

The USA has some laws that govern noise pollution. But it varies from state to state and city to city. There are also some states that do not have laws as most do not consider it a health issue.

Many steps can be taken and the house can be kept away from noise. Avoiding noise is one main thing.

Well, I’m not offering those tools, but what I’m offering is my natural program that can regulate your high blood pressure. The program is designed to lower high blood pressure by reversing the stress caused by loud noise.

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