ITZBEEN Helps Sleep-Deprived Parents Remember

Being a new parent is not easy. While there’s a lot of love and joy, there’s not too much sleep, but too much stress. No one gives you an easy-to-follow guide on how to care for your baby after you leave the hospital – and you completely Responsible for every need. Sure, you can read all the recommended baby books, and while they’re somewhat helpful, they don’t quite prepare you for the reality of being a new parent. So finding any helpful gadgets that will make things a little easier is like the answer to new parent prayers. The ITZBEEN Babysitting Timer is just such a paradise device.

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer was developed by a sleepless mom and dad. New parents had trouble remembering the details of their baby’s care and were constantly wondering: How much? How long ago did they feed the baby? How long has it been since you changed the baby’s diaper? How long has it been since the baby’s last nap? Tired parents needed a way to remember. The couple tried charts and diaries first, but realized that there had to be not only a better way, but an easier way. The two decided to create a new doll – ITZBEEN. This versatile nursery tool helps new parents remember the essential details of baby care.

The handy little device includes these handy little features:

  • Optional timer alarms: allows you to set an alarm reminder for each timer. If the time limit is reached, the button illuminates and an alarm sounds briefly. Stylish.
  • back clip: A practical feature that makes this device completely portable. Carry it at home or while doing errands.
  • soft glowing night light: It makes it easy to find in the dark and prevents you from disturbing your baby. Shhhh.
  • One-touch timers: now you can set a timer for everything you need – changing diapers, sleep, nutrition, medicine, exercise, etc.
  • screen backlight: let you read the times conveniently in the dark.
  • Nursing reminder: helps the mother remember from which side she last nursed the baby.

The fact that parents have developed this handy gadget adds to the weight of the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer. They’ve been in your place and may relate to both your joy and the challenges of being a new parent. The ITZBEEN Babysitting Timer also received critical acclaim and won the JPMA 2007 Innovation Award, the iParenting 2007 Media Award and the DadLabs Top 10 Award. When it comes to baby gadgets, this one looks like a winner.

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