If You’ve Served in Desert Storm, Iraq (OIF-OEF), or Afghanistan, Read This!

I came across an article this morning detailing how Veterans Affairs is streamlining disability compensation for veterans. I discovered after reading the article that the VA finally recognizes certain diseases and disability diseases. Most of these diseases are related to military veterans serving in the Saudi Arabia/Iraq and Afghanistan regions.

I’m just experiencing what I’ve outlined as part of “aging”. I wake up with severe joint pain in my back. I accept joint pain with the ideology that my boyfriend and I need a new bed. It doesn’t matter which surface I lie on because I wake up with the same joint pain.

The pain comes and goes and is most common in the morning. I always feel stiff when I wake up. After reading the list in the VA, many people who have served in these arenas suffer from what is called Fibromyalgia. That might explain my joint pain.

I have also discovered that women serving in these arenas suffer from severe menstrual cramps and menstrual disorders. Recently I had to have surgery to stop the excessive menstrual bleeding and cramps. Women serving in the desert also suffer from serious reproductive disorders. This proves common sense for me because I’ve had ectopic pregnancies and lost just one, Fallopian Tube right now.

Most Desert Storm vets have red patches on their skin. Some blemishes are small, some are very large, and some Dermatologists have asked if I have been exposed to chemicals.

It is sad that people who serve their country have to deal with serious health problems with the consequences of their service. Veterans with serious health problems face an organization that fights tooth and nail for their disability. While in the military, I suffered from a chronic skin condition called Hydrianitis. This disease is not contagious but never goes away. It is a serious skin problem to deal with. This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life and the VA only pays me 10% for it.

I urge all veterans to pay attention to their disability titles. I recently discovered that they changed the name of my skin condition to something else that is illegal. What does it mean when they do this? This means that if your disability or illness gets worse, they don’t have to pay you for it. Pay attention to how the VA labels your disability diseases or illnesses.

I’ve included a link for all war veterans serving in these arenas. Please read it. If you recognize any of the signs and symptoms that happen to you, I recommend making an appointment with the VA and documenting it. I also want to say to veterans who are disabled to the point where they cannot work, please review your disability options. The Social Security Institution accepts illnesses and diseases arising from military service as a reason for disability.

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