How to Make Felt Christmas Stockings Look Beautiful

If you’ve ever sewn a sock with felt appliqués, then you definitely know that it takes hours to cut and sew all these pieces. The result of all this work is an heirloom masterpiece that will be loved by its owner. But how do they take care of it to last through many Christmases?

First of all, they should be stored flat, wrapped in several layers of white tissue paper, away from sunlight. We recommend specifying a storage tube especially for Christmas stockings. Put extra tissue paper between each tissue-wrapped sock so the beads don’t get crushed.

According to Bucilla’s instructions that come with the kits, the socks can be hand washed in cold water (86F) with a mild dish soap. When washing the sock gently, be careful not to twist or wring it. Do not use beach or fine washable detergents. Dry flat. Do not dry clean and do not dry clean. I wouldn’t recommend washing it unless absolutely necessary.

If the sock is meant for a child, try to keep him from playing with it, as synthetic felt has a tendency to pill. Of course they can hold it and use it as their special stocking. Try to avoid them using it as a hat every day of December.

Finally, consider going a step further by sewing a lining for the sock. It’s really simple to do and well worth the effort. A lining will add strength and a professional touch to the sock. Choose a fabric such as polyester satin so as not to add too much bulk.

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