How To Empower Yourself Against Increasing Health Threat – Electromagnetic Frequencies EMFs

Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most important form of pollution produced by human activities this century!” ~ Dr. Andrew Weil, Leading Health Expert

It can be very difficult to think about the amount of electricity around us. Our environment consists of electrical cords, appliances, Wi-Fi, computers, appliances, mobile phones, hydro and base stations, etc. It is full of invisible EMFs coming in. EMFs affect every aspect of our physical, emotional and mental health and contribute to every illness. and disorder Many different terms are used when talking about electricity around us. You’ve probably heard of them: electromagnetic field, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic field, electric field, microwave, EMR, ELF etc. It is not important to define these terms or to distinguish between different types of electricity; The important thing is that all chaotic non-biological electricity is a threat to our physical, emotional and mental health. The term “chaotic” is intentional because some types of man-made electricity are used for therapeutic purposes. This article is not about therapeutic electricity. In this discussion, “EMF” will be used to denote non-biological chaotic electricity; EMF is short for electromagnetic field and is often used to denote harmful artificial electricity.

Man-made or artificial electricity has been used on the planet for 120 years. It seems that with the introduction of wireless technology, artificial electricity can now be measured anywhere in the world. Ours is the first generation saturated with EMFS. You don’t need to remind us of the prevalence, especially in the city of Toronto, where there are more than 1,000 cell phone towers dotting our landscape. Our city prides itself on having its own Wi-Fi network covering the city centre. The proliferation of electricity in our lives seems endless. Shopkeepers have begun to put microchips in clothing, shoes and other products, and they are doing so without our knowledge. These microchips are designed to send encrypted electrical messages to data collection agencies that will track consumer habits. Researchers already have micro-chipped people and are talking about doing it nationwide. In British schools, teachers can already teach using Wi-Fi whiteboards, and in the near future, handheld Wi-Fi terminals will allow children to ‘interact’ with the digital lesson. In the words of the tech industry group, the Wi-Fi Alliance: ‘Simply put, Wi-Fi is freedom.’

We cannot avoid EMFs in our environment. But we can effectively maintain our health and heal our bodies.

You may be wondering if the dangers of EMF are real. After all, there are researchers and officials who insist that EMFs are harmless. For this reason, many people believe that the issue of EMF health hazards is controversial and needs more research. The truth is, thousands of scientific research papers are published each year documenting the health risks associated with EMFS. These studies have shown that all EMFs, regardless of range or frequency, have harmful consequences. You’re probably asking why then, are trained researchers telling us otherwise? The reason is simple. These researchers are looking for a direct cause-and-effect relationship when nothing happens. Studies have shown that there is no rhyme or reason in the symptoms. Researchers can take a group of people who claim to be sensitive to electricity, expose them to the same frequencies, and get reports of many different types of symptoms. A person claiming to be sensitive to EMFS will have an adverse reaction to one type of EMF and not to the anther, while a 2nd electrically sensitive person will not react at all. Thus, researchers looking for a direct cause-and-effect relationship conclude that the symptoms in response to EMF exposure are psychosomatic – an artifact created by the power of suggestion.

A good portion of the recent research comes from Sweden, where they have officially recognized electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electrosensitivity as a medical condition. This is a condition in which a person’s physical or psychological symptoms are exacerbated by EMFs at levels most people can tolerate. Symptoms include:






poor concentration

Sleep disorders


burning sensation

skin conditions


A Swedish neuroscientist, Dr. Based on his research, Ollie Johanssen explains that he expects 50% of the world’s population to show signs of electro-hypersensitivity by 2017. This may seem like an extremely bold claim. However, keep in mind that the effects of EMFs are cumulative, making us increasingly susceptible to EMFS as we age.

In addition to the symptoms of electrosensitivity, there are many other physical complaints and disorders associated with EMF exposure. There are also a wide variety of emotional disorders and mental conditions that are linked. The next question is why EMFs are involved in so many diseases and disorders. It’s simple, because we are electrical beings with internal wires. Every bodily function depends on electrical activity. Our body’s electrical system works to balance the activities of our organs. It represents the foundation of the healing process. The flow of electricity in the body is as important to the well-being of the body as blood flow.

Our body conducts the electricity that enters it. Research has shown that when this happens, our electrical processes are disrupted and cell functioning is disrupted. Moreover, the effects are enormous. They range from changes in blood chemistry to disruption of cell and organ activity. A few important points; When exposed to EMFS, cells respond as if threatened by an invader. The cell enters an emergency state. The cell responds by reducing the permeability of the membrane wall. This makes it difficult for nutrients to enter or toxins to exit. In contrast, there is an increase in free radicals. Instead of producing water and carbon dioxide when the cell is in an emergency, it produces hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide. In short, the cell begins to ferment. Contingency behavior is passed on to each subsequent cell generation. EMF exposure more than doubles the release of mercury vapor from dental fillings and also triggers expression of disease-causing genes. Exposure to EMF damages DNA and interferes with DNA repair. Studies have also shown that cancer cell division is 24 times greater when cancer cells are exposed to EMFs. There is also a constant tension in our nervous system that puts our body in a state of chronic stress.

Most scientists agree that the mechanism by which EMFs affect the nervous system of the body is explained by the principle of cyclotronic resonance. (The word cyclotronic refers to rotating electrons. According to the principles of cyclotronic resonance, energy is actually transferred from the electrical wires in our buildings to the nervous system of the people inside the building.) Cyclotronic resonance causes the adrenal system to produce cortisol, causing stress. It causes hormones and ions, also known as electrolytes, to be expelled from cells. In particular, calcium, lithium, sodium, magnesium and potassium are released into the bloodstream either to be collected in the joints or to be excreted inappropriately. These ions or electrolytes govern cell metabolism, calmness, mood and memory and are involved in many of the body’s chemical reactions. Eventually, our immune systems begin to collapse.

The disease rarely has a single cause. So, of course, EMFS is not necessarily the cause of the disease. However, EMFs can be seen to promote and accelerate disease and hinder recovery. Minimizing exposure to EMFS and achieving effective EMF protection are essential for recovery and prevention.

According to research, when you reduce your exposure to EMFs, your healing energies flow more freely and the body begins to heal. Your nervous system and acupuncture meridian system are freed from constriction. A calm begins. The pineal gland increases the production of hormones and important chemicals that control and affect physical, emotional and mental functioning. For example, sleep increases the production of melatonin, which is important for the inhibition of certain cancers and the functioning of the immune system. There is also an increase in overall energy. Cells no longer function as if they were in an emergency. In addition, the production, uptake and cell retention of important electrolytes such as lithium, potassium, sodium and calcium are increased. These electrolytes or ions are important for every bodily function. As your body becomes more efficient, you gain more benefits from nutrition, supplements, and healing therapies. In terms of emotional and mental changes, people report a sense of well-being, clarity, concentration, and improved anger management. Reported benefits for children show significant improvement in children with hyperactive ADHD and asthma. There are reports of increased calmness, attention span, and impulse control.

There are many EMF-reducing applications. People sensitive to EMFs will find these apps particularly helpful. But everyone should consider adopting any or all of the following practices, because minimizing your exposure to EMFs is part of maximizing your health.

Use wired network instead of Wi-Fi network

Use wired speakers and other electronic components instead of wireless

When considering an alarm system for your home, choose a wired system instead of a wireless one.

When using the computer, try not to hold the mouse and learn keyboard strokes to change mouse functions.

Try to place the computer tower printer and cables away from where you are sitting

Opt for LCD Flat Screen computer monitors

Avoid placing the laptop on your lap when using it.

Keep your cell phone in a purse, backpack, or purse so it’s not right next to your body. Keep at least 5 feet from your bed while you sleep

Place your electric alarm clock at least 5 feet from your bed

Electrical appliances and devices are surrounded by electric fields even when they are not turned on. So if they are near your bed, unplug them at night.

Use incandescent or full spectrum bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs.

If you must use a cell phone or cordless phone, use the loudspeaker whenever possible. Do not use a Bluetooth or earplug that transmits radiation directly into the ear canal.

Try to avoid using a cell phone or laptop in a car or bus where EMFs are concentrated

Stay 2 to 3 meters away from someone talking on a cell phone

Avoid using waterbeds that need an electric heater

Replace electric shavers and can openers with manual versions

Find alternatives for electric blankets

Replace a heating pad with a hot water bottle

Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers have large EMFs, especially when high efficiency. So try to run mostly full loads. If sleeping with the head of the bed on the wall behind these machines, do not operate the machine while you sleep.

The larger the television screen, the stronger and larger the EMF, sit back, do not operate if someone is sleeping directly behind the television wall

When using tools, try to stand back 2 to 3 feet. For example, try using the back burners more often when cooking on an electric stove.

Children have relatively more cerebral fluid and thinner skulls than adults, so they are more sensitive to EMFs than adults. A 1-year-old child can absorb almost twice as much radiation per kilogram of weight as an adult. Try to teach EMF minimization practices to your children when they are younger so that it becomes part of their lifestyle. Do not use a cell phone or cordless phone while holding the child. Most baby monitors use digital wireless technology and the EMFs they produce can be stronger than living near a cell phone tower. For this reason, worried mothers will want to reconsider using these devices.

Finally, support groups who want to keep cell phones and Wi-Fi networks out of schools, public buildings, and public transport.

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