Homeopathy and Muscle Testing for Babies

As moms, we’re always looking for safe, drug-free ways to keep our babies comfortable when they’re sick. For our family, homeopathic remedies have been an effective solution. When I started to review single homeopathic remedies, I was surprised at how many factors were taken into account when deciding which remedy to choose. Even though babies communicate in their own way, it’s really hard to know exactly what they’re feeling. You know they have a fever, but do you have an earache, sore throat, or stomachache?

I decided to ask the practitioner who introduced me to homeopathy. He taught me muscle testing or applied kinesiology for my kids. Studies have shown that this method is 98% accurate. Testing in this way shows people’s “tolerance” to a substance. If the muscle is weak, there is no tolerance, so using it is not a cure. If the muscle is strong, it’s like your body is saying yes, it’s good for me and it makes me strong. Because mother and baby are so energetically connected, the mother’s muscles will react when testing for the baby. It takes practice, but once you learn it saves a lot of time and takes a lot of guesswork as to which solution is best for the baby.

Here’s a good way to practice and get an idea of ​​what’s strong and weak for your body. One of the easiest muscles to test is the strength of your arm. You will need someone else to help you. Hold one of your arms straight in front of you and ask your body how it would react if something good happened to you. You can just say something like “strong yes” and see how strong your arm is when you resist someone trying to push him down. Then say “weak is no”, then notice if you can resist when someone pushes him down. Now you know what it feels like to be weak and strong.

Try it now with a real substance. Hold half a kilo of refined white sugar or flour in one hand and see how your muscle responds. Now try it with a carrot or apple and see the difference. Just keep trying different things and notice other feelings coming into your body. You can immediately feel the energy entering and leaving your body. This is a great way to be more aware of how your body is talking to you. You can use this technique for vitamins, foods, and medicines. Your body will also respond to positive or negative thoughts. Once you’ve exercised and are more confident in your body’s response, you can use the same technique when holding your baby. The only added thing when testing for a baby is that you should intend to test for your baby, not yourself. So you can try thinking or saying something like “Is this good for baby” before testing your muscle strength.

Here is a simplified list of solutions that I always have at hand. You can buy yourself a home kit and build from there. There are many different materia medica books that separate each remedy into the symptoms one can feel.

Constipation – Nux Vomica

Fever and inflammation – Belladonna

Teething and irritability – Chamomila

Earache and inflammation – Pulsatilla

Vomiting – Ipecacuanha, arsenicum album (especially good for food poisoning)

Blows and bruises – Arnica. Arnica ointment is excellent for external use.

Diarrhea – Podophyllum

Because there are so many different cold symptoms, there are many different remedies for these symptoms and this is where muscle testing comes in. It will help you determine what is best for the baby. One sign I’ve noticed you have the right remedy is that your baby will fall into a nice, peaceful sleep and his mood will change. It’s as if he took advantage of the symptom and gave small-body support to fight the symptom. My practitioner suggested giving one dose, then another 15 minutes later, and another 15 minutes later. This introduces the remedy into the body more quickly and is usually enough for the day. Consult a homeopath for more information.

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