Guidelines and Precautions for Prenatal Exercise Programs

According to a study by doctors, pregnant women who were fit had very few complications during pregnancy. This study was led by Dr James Clapp, MD, and professor of reproductive biology at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. According to their study, exercises are very important during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should follow certain rules and precautions when exercising. Some of these are listed below:

Correct Posture: Maintaining correct posture is extremely important when exercising during pregnancy. Correct posture includes tilted pelvis and straightened back. Positions such as lying on your back, bending over, bowing, candlestick, air cycling and excessive stretching of the abdominal region should be avoided. During pregnancy, sit-ups should never exceed 45 degrees. Activities such as ballistic or jerking movements and jumping should also be avoided.

Clothing: Expectant mothers should wear light clothing that does not restrict movement. Clothing should be flexible, comfortable and breathable. Shoes are a must to support the feet and legs.

Temperature: Always pay attention to body temperature during exercise. Studies have found that higher body temperatures in the mother can cause defective neurological development. This effect is more pronounced in the first trimester. Exercising in hot and humid weather should be avoided. Exercise levels should be reduced as pregnancy progresses. In the last stages of pregnancy, simple exercises such as stretching and strengthening are more preferred. Expectant mothers should never use a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna or spa during pregnancy.

Water levels: Hydration is an important part of exercise. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise so that the body does not become dehydrated. Hydration also helps regulate body temperature.

Breathing: Continuous breathing is very important during pregnancy. Exercises that require holding your breath should be avoided. This can be dangerous for the baby.

When he is tired or suffers a minor abdominal trauma, he should stop exercising immediately. Relaxation is also important during pregnancy.

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