Foods That Cause Constipation – Tips You Should Know

Constipation is mainly caused by malnutrition, irregular bowel movements and lack of fluids. However, the causes of constipation in babies, adults and women during pregnancy are different.

Cause of constipation in babies

When babies start to eat solid foods, the color and texture of their stools change. When they are breastfed, their stools smell sweet and soft. Since it is fed with solid food, stool becomes hard and contains undigested food. Sometimes a baby will not have a bowel movement for several days; parents may worry that their baby is constipated. Then the stools appear and are still soft and smooth, indicating that everything is fine.

Baby constipation is very painful because they are so small, they do not know how to get their stool out of their body, they cry and do not want to eat. This bout of constipation normally occurs when the baby begins to eat solid foods. The digestive system is not fully developed to deal with solid foods, the baby keeps stools in the anus, which leads to mild constipation. In this case, parents can be fed softer, well-cooked foods that contain enough liquids, along with juices such as carrot and orange juices to help the baby’s intestines naturally acclimate to the new nutritional tissue.

Cause of constipation in adults

The cause of constipation in adults is more complex than in infants. What foods can cause constipation?

1. Red meats

Many people are only in favor of red meats such as beef steak, lamb and pork. They rarely eat fiber-rich vegetables. These meats contain protein and fat that are difficult to digest in the intestines; This leads to dry stool.

2. Sugar-rich foods

Many foods, such as biscuits and fudge, contain large amounts of sugar. They are also very dry and baked in the oven. Lack of fluid and these properties of sugar-rich foods cause constipation in adults.

3. Dairy products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, butter, and ice cream can cause constipation in adults. They are rich in protein, and protein is difficult to digest fully if eaten in excess, making the stomach bloated and filling with gas. But yogurt is very special, it contains a lot of live bacteria and leads to more frequent bowel movements than usual.

What foods cause women to be constipated during pregnancy?

Women exercise less while pregnant but eat more than usual; they are frustrated by constipation during pregnancy. Which foods should pregnant women eat less?

1. Fatty foods

Fried foods are fatty, contain vegetable oil, are not easily digested. Fatty foods consist of chips, fried chicken, eggs and sausages.

2. Processed and refined foods

Processed and refined foods are also difficult to digest. Foods such as pizza, lasagna, frozen hot dog rolls, and pies are some examples. It takes more time to consume and digest them for pregnant women due to lack of physical exercise.

Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to eat more vegetables and fruits such as prunes, pears, broccoli, carrots, celery and beans. These foods soften the stool especially a few weeks before giving birth, these foods also really help the bowel movements of pregnant women otherwise a dry stool can cause abortion at an early stage of pregnancy and premature delivery at a later stage of pregnancy. They fight against constipation and extreme air force cause unexpected accident in pregnant women.

In general, the symptoms of constipation in babies, adults and women during pregnancy are different, if the causes are predicted, it can be prevented by taking precautions.

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