Environmental Pollution Still a Big Concern – Drugs in Our Drinking Water

Concern about our environment is a relatively new concept. It really came to the fore in the 1970s. In fact, before 1970, there was not even an Environmental Protection Agency. And while there were laws designed to protect us from hazardous toxic waste and other forms of industrial pollution, they were difficult to enforce. The headlines in that decade were truly frightening. Topics like: High Smoke Levels in Industrialized Cities May Cause Increased Lung Disease. Hazardous Waste Buried Under Love Canal Causes Entire NY City to Evacuate. Despite all the efforts of our local governments and the Environmental Protection Agency, we still see scary headlines like: drugs in our drinking water.

One of the reasons we see drugs found in drinking water in the US headlines is that there is, as yet, no specific law regarding the discharge of drugs into our drinking water or any regulation regarding the acceptable levels of each drug in Turkey. the water we drink. If such laws were passed, there is no way to even enact them because it is us, not the big pharmaceutical companies, that are responsible for this type of pollution. We are guilty. We and all hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, farmers and veterinarians are contributing to this problem. We all throw drugs in pretty much the same way. We flush them down the toilet or down the drain and then they end up in our water system.

Water flowing through sewer lines goes to a water treatment plant, where it is first filtered, then treated with chemicals and poured back into our lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Then at least 10% is recycled into the water we drink. No wonder we have drugs in our drinking water.

As a parent, reading headlines that shout about drugs found in US drinking water really scares me. I want to protect my family more than anything. But if my local water company can’t, how can I? Do drugs still flow from the tap water my kids drink every day?

After doing some research I found that the best answer, at least for now, is to install a water filtration system in my house. And while there are many types of such water filtration systems available, a carbon-ion filtration system is the best type to combat drugs in our drinking water.

The carbon ion system works in two ways. First, the thick carbon block captures most of the contaminants found in tap water, and then ion exchange neutralizes the chemicals and drugs in our drinking water.

Now, even when I read headlines that say drugs were found in US drinking water, I feel a little more confident. I know I did my best to protect my family. Maybe one day we’ll find a better way to throw our drugs away.

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