Dressing Your Newborn Baby for the First Time

While pregnant, the classes will focus on a few key topics such as pregnancy, labor, delivery, feeding your baby, sleeping your babies and how to hold your baby.

But if you’re not used to holding a newborn baby in your arms, the idea of ​​dressing them up and curling their arms and legs can seem daunting. It’s always good to ask your midwife for help, but here are a few guidelines to help you get rid of your concerns about getting hurt while dressing your baby.

First of all, don’t panic, babies look fragile but they don’t break easily. If your baby is hungry, feed them before dressing the baby, it is always easier to dress a calm baby.

Newborns’ needs are simple, they need warmth, nourishment and love. Loved, well, it comes from within and will always grow. We hope to breastfeed, we hope you will, but bottle feeding is also a safe and acceptable way to feed your baby.

Warm – it doesn’t matter what time of year your baby was born, the clothes will be basically the same. Take simple clothes to the hospital, you will have plenty of time at home to put on all the beautiful clothes and let your visitors see them.

You will likely dress your baby in a vest and a baby will grow up while in the hospital. The vests that are easiest to put on for the newborn and the least troublesome for the new mother are the ones with an envelope neck and snap fasteners at the bottom. If you’ve never dressed a doll before, this is the easiest way to wear it. Open the bottom of the vest, lift up the back and front and open the envelope neck – you now have a circular opening for the head and the rest of the vest has been pulled up. Place the baby on the vest with the back of the head in the circular opening and the back under the neck. Now, grab the crumpled front and use a motion to run your fingers through the neck opening to pull the front of the vest over the baby’s head, now the vest is around the neck. Gently push baby’s arms through armholes and lay baby on side, pull back down, roll back, pull front down. Popper under the cloth and you’re done.

It may sound silly, but this is the best way as the doll is not tangled in clothes and you never have to lift the doll completely. Also, as baby starts to focus, you’ll find that you can maintain eye contact while dressing her, which will help calm her down.

Then you just have to raise a baby on top of it. It’s simple, undo the baby’s growth and lay it flat on the surface, place your baby on top of it, and then gently push his arms and legs forward. The easiest dolls to wear are dolls that go up and down the front of both legs. If you can catch the growing baby with the built-in scratch mitts, this will reduce the amount of time your baby scratches their face in their sleep, and it’s much easier than trying to grab a baby with a scratch mitt!

Finally, when you leave the hospital, you will need an outer layer, usually a soft cotton baby hat and a tight suit. When wearing the hat, put it under the head and pull it forward, the newborn’s neck is weak and it is difficult to try to wear it from front to back. Wear the Snuggle suit exactly as baby grows.

Your little pack is now dressed and ready to meet the world.

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