Creator of the Baby Emily Collection – Linda Webb

Linda Webb is one of the world’s most outstanding doll artists. Authentic pieces are highly prized, and the waiting list for doll creations goes on for years. Now, this renowned doll artist has sculpted her gorgeous collection of lifelike dolls to be just 10 inches long! They have soft bodies that can be posed in all sorts of cute ways., a website with a handmade collection of half a million pages created by the public, has this to say about her: “Among Doll Collectors, Linda Webb is one of the most popular doll artists today. Original Linda Webb dolls and lifelike dolls regularly receive thousands of It sells for dollars.”

The reason Linda Webb decided to create dolls can be traced back to the birth of her son. She admits that she knows that memories and photographs are not enough to carry her son’s image in her heart, and she embarks on a journey to make a lifelike doll.

A famous collection of dolls by Linda Webb is the ‘Loving Emily Collection’, where she works with Aston Drake, an exclusive doll making company. It consists of 4 collectible dolls collection and what is unique is that it shows the first few months of baby’s life, from newborn to first birthday party. Definitely a must buy for baby lovers! Baby Emily won the Dolls Excellence Award sponsored by Doll Magazine, the DOTY award sponsored by Doll Reader Magazine, and also won the NALED Doll of the Year.

From head to toe no effort is spared and no material is too costly. Meticulously made, so incredibly real it looks alive! Wait until the moment when you pick it up and hold it in your arms. When you do, you’ll understand why it’s so coveted by collectors around the world.

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