Common Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get Pregnant – You Can Hurt Yourself, Too

Infertility is a major problem affecting the lives of many women in the world today. The bad thing about it is that most of the women suffering from infertility find out that they are trying to get pregnant but all the efforts are in vain.

You may wonder why getting pregnant is so difficult for you – apart from the obvious things you need to do like eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay fit, avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine, manage stress, you still find it. It’s hard to get pregnant naturally.

This explains why you should be aware of common mistakes women make when trying to get pregnant that can hurt you.

It is a mistake to keep the sperm usage until the ovulation period. Many couples find that keeping sperm for use during ovulation will help them conceive. While it’s good to have plenty of sperm when you need them, most of these sperm will be weak and sluggish, making it harder for the sperm to meet the egg. It is best to obtain fresh sperm during ovulation, so it is recommended that your partner ejaculates every five days to ensure a good supply of healthy sperm through active sex activities.

The use of artificial lubrication kills sperm. While many people think that using lubricant during sex helps ensure easy and smooth penetration, it actually destroys your chances of getting pregnant. Lubricants such as Vaseline weaken sperm. Egg white is the most preferred lubricant for sex as it is sperm friendly.

Finally, getting up right after sex for any reason is another danger signal for conception. This is the most common mistake women make when trying to get pregnant. The first reaction after sex will be to run to the bathroom, but this is a big problem when trying to get pregnant. The best recommendation for conceiving is to lie on your back for at least 20 minutes after sex so that the sperm can have as much time as they need to move upwards and meet the egg.

Stop hurting yourself ignorantly. No matter how much you desire to get pregnant, avoid these common mistakes when trying to get pregnant so your dreams of becoming a mother are not jeopardized.

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