Can You Encourage Labor Yourself? Tips for Pregnant Women

Is it possible to induce labor yourself? This is one of those questions that pregnant women want to know the answer to. It is a guessing game of when your bundle of joy will arrive when you reach full maturity. Most expectant mothers feel that their baby has an opinion of his own when it comes to choosing a time of arrival. If you’re reaching and past your due date and are still carrying your baby, there are things that can help encourage the onset of home birth.

In fact, you can induce labor by yourself by dancing. Belly dancing and hula dancing in particular are the way to go. When your midsection is the biggest ever, you may not feel sensual enough to belly dance for your partner. If that’s the case, do it alone. Turn on some loud music, find a space in your home where you can move and dance. Exercise can help stimulate your uterus to start contractions. If all else fails, at least you and your baby will have some fun.

If you’re hungry, why not prepare a meal full of spicy food? One way to induce labor is to eat spicy food. Many women claim that they go straight into labor after eating hot and spicy foods. This is certainly not true for all women and can actually cause a serious case of indigestion, so be prepared. If you’ve been able to eat spicy things throughout your pregnancy, this is something you’ll want to try.

There is an old saying that the more you want something, the longer it takes to get it. When it comes to the arrival of your newborn, it may have some value. It is very difficult for a nine-month pregnant mother to focus on anything other than labor and delivery. If you feel this way, you can relax and start giving birth on your own. If you are skilled at meditation, take some time each day to do it. If you find that you feel more relaxed while exercising, go for a walk. Shopping seems to be a trigger for stress relief for many women, so if that’s how you feel, get the baby something nice. Do your best to take your mind off of having the baby for a while. That alone may be enough to push you into the delivery room.

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