Being Healthy Before Getting Pregnant Ensures a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby

I’ve found that many young girls are picky and sullen about food, and I include myself in this category. But when they start learning how to cook, if the young lady cooks it herself, mom’s weird old recipe tastes interesting. Some women start eating all the vegetables and fruits they once hated as soon as they get pregnant. This reveals an interesting fact: If young women start to cook and consume their own meals in a healthy way, they can be in a healthy state before they become pregnant. I don’t know how accurate the idea is, but according to health experts, being healthy when you’re pregnant is essential to having a baby.

Eating healthy foods alone isn’t enough to get pregnant, but you have to take a number of steps to be healthy before giving birth to a healthy baby, as it’s clear that 1 in every 33 babies born in the US has some form of disease. A birth defect that can sometimes be fatal in the first year of a child’s birth. Since it is obvious that healthy mothers have healthy babies, women are less likely to experience various problems during their pregnancy such as miscarriage, premature birth, GD (Gestational Diabetes). Babies are also not vulnerable to preterm birth, stillbirth, or low birth weight.

PCH (Prenatal health): Let’s understand pre-pregnancy health first, because by nature, femininity is patiently sprawling and ready to transform themselves for the new role with all the necessary sacrifices. PCH emphasizes screening for diseases before pregnancy and encourages medical care for women giving birth to children aged 18 to 44. This feat improves their health and addresses factors that may affect their future pregnancy.

· Increase folic acid in diet: Studies have revealed that women should take vitamin B throughout pregnancy and at least once a month throughout pregnancy, as this vitamin helps prevent major birth defects related to the spine and brain of babies. Dark green leafy vegetables are external sources of folic acid. Fortified whole grains and cereals and citrus fruits are also good sources of this prenatal vitamin.

· Balance your BMI: Obese women are at higher risk of pregnancy complications such as type 2 Diabetes, heart problems, and several types of cancer. Similarly, people with low weight are also prone to serious problems in pregnancy. It is important to maintain BMI (body mass index) before planning a pregnancy. Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods can boost your BMI.

· Quit alcohol, smoking and drugs: Alcohol, smoking and drug use can turn your pregnancy into a disaster. It is recommended that these habits be abandoned long before conception, as they apparently cause birth defects in the child and often also cause intrauterine death. Seek help to break these habits to have a healthy baby.

· Oral health is also important: People may wonder about the relationship between pregnancy and oral health. However, your oral health condition says a lot about your overall health, as the inconsistency in your hormones during pregnancy causes bleeding and swelling of the gums. Therefore, it is important to monitor oral health before and during pregnancy.

This care needs to continue after birth, because feeding the baby and staying healthy is the key to having healthy and abundant breast milk. Since maintaining healthy habits spans a long period from pre-pregnancy to postpartum, staying healthy should become a lifelong habit. It is not important to stay healthy for your baby, but it is very important to stay healthy for yourself!!

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