Are You Trying to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally? Discover the Best Ways to Conceive a Boy Faster

If you are really trying to conceive a baby boy naturally, you must first learn about the different factors that are responsible for deciding the sex of your baby. Do you think changing gender positions really helps determine your baby’s gender? Read more carefully to discover some of my best methods for conceiving a boy naturally.

Many families prefer a baby boy first. A few families give birth to many children to make baby boys. Some succeed and many fail. There are some natural ways to take the utmost care in having a boy. Some of them are as follows:

There are two types of chromosomes that determine the sex of your baby. Y chromosomes have male characteristics and X chromosomes have female characteristics. Y chromosomes are fast but lack strength and agility. If a female egg is fertilized with the Y chromosome, you can naturally have a baby boy. To achieve this, you need to do the following:

1) Have sex close to ovulation: The first thing you need to do is to know your probable ovulation date. You can buy inexpensive ovulation predictor kits from local health stores. Once you know your ovulation period, you can have sexual intercourse with your partner the day before or after your ovulation period. Deep penetration sex these days can increase the likelihood of male sperm fertilizing with a female egg.

2) Maintain your PH balance: If your pH level is quite acidic, male sperm can die easily in the vagina. You should make your pH level alkaline. Acidic environment is dangerous for male sperm. They cannot survive in an acidic body. Therefore, you will need to take more measures to alkalize your body and reduce the acidity in your body.

3) Follow a balanced diet: If you have an acidic PH level, foods that contain high amounts of sodium and potassium are suitable for your body. In addition to fruits such as watermelon, grapes, lemons, you can also eat green vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and spinach. It has been proven to reduce acidity in your body.

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