Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Crib Bumper

Over the years, baby products have been developed and introduced to help consumers care for their babies. These products can be very useful especially if parents are at work or doing something so they cannot fully pay attention to their little ones. Such products include cots, baby monitors and crib bumpers.

One particular item that is fundamentally important to your baby is a crib bumper. Some might say that parents may prefer not to use these bumpers, but here is a list of why crib bumpers are beneficial for your baby.

  • It can help prevent your child from getting a concussion, especially if they fall directly onto the side of their crib. When you use tampons, you better protect not only your child’s head, but also other parts of his body. Apart from that, you can always be comfortable, especially when you cannot protect it 24/7.
  • It can also help prevent your child’s upper and lower extremities from being caught by the crib, especially if your child’s crib has a wide guard. In this way, your child can be prevented from experiencing injuries such as bone fractures.

But aside from these wonderful benefits, some may argue that crib bumpers are dangerous for babies.

Here is the main reason why some parents choose not to use them.

  • Some say that because a crib bumper is relatively thick, it’s dangerous for your baby to put their face directly into it. This would make it difficult for him to breathe. In this case, your child will suffocate, or worse, suffer life-threatening damage or even death, especially if your child is left unattended.

Knowing all these facts can give you choices about whether or not to buy crib bumpers for your child. Whatever your reason, it’s always your choice to buy or not to get a crib bumper. When you decide to do something for your baby, make sure that her safety should always be your priority.

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