8 Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health and Environment

Air pollution adversely affects nature and human health. Indeed, the long-term effects of all the dust and smoke create many problems that can be quite difficult to solve. Let’s take a look at some of these impacts the world is facing.

1. Global Warming

Global warming worries all scientists around the world. It happens due to the greenhouse effect, which is directly related to the emission of methane and CO2 into the environment. Typically, these emissions are released by different types of industries. The only way to solve this problem is to take social responsibility.

2. Climate Change

Global warming has had many consequences. One of its most common consequences is climate change. As the world temperature rises, it disrupts climate cycles. As a result, the north poles are going through tremendous changes. The melting of icebergs produces tons of water, which results in flooding and rising sea levels.

3. Acid Rain

It is important to keep in mind that gases from transport, heating, boilers, power plants and industries are highly toxic. Some of the common gases are nitrous oxide and sulfur oxide. As these substances accumulate in the atmosphere and react with water, the atmosphere is exposed to increasing amounts of sulfuric acid and nitric acid. The problem arises when this solution mixes with rain clouds. This causes acid rain, which puts the environment at risk.

4. Smoke effect

Smog refers to a kind of dark mist that hovers over fields and cities. This smoke is full of pollutants. Typically, it is of two types: photochemical and sulphurous. Both of these species are quite harmful to human health. Sulfur fumes are coming from the coal industry. Many developing countries still have coal-fired power plants.

5. Extinction of some animal species

With rising sea levels, many animal species are making survival more difficult. The current trend has forced a large number of animals to search for food in different environments. Poor soil quality and deforestation are having a huge negative impact on habitats and ecosystems.

6. Breathing problems

Airborne pollutants can cause different types of allergies and diseases, such as emphysema, cancer or asthma. Direct inhalation of toxic substances can have a negative effect on the organs that take care of your respiratory system. If you don’t get enough oxygen, you can suffer from cardiovascular problems.

7. Deterioration of Structures

Air pollution causes deterioration of building materials. As a result, many buildings lose their strength over time.

8. Skin Damage

Some chemical intolerances can also cause skin damage. In some cases, it can also lead to skin cancer.

Long story short, air pollution can cause countless problems. If you want to keep your indoor air free of common pollutants, we recommend investing in a good air purifier. I hope this helps.

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