6 Tips to Get Pregnant Faster – True or False Test

Trying to get pregnant for the first time? Have you been trying to have a baby for a long time without success? Either way, you’re looking for a few valuable tricks and tips to get pregnant as quickly as possible. How can you create good conditions to increase your chances of getting pregnant? Let’s answer this question with a quiz.

1) Is there a suitable position to help you get pregnant faster?

In fact, experts agree that there is no specific sexual position that will help you get pregnant faster. However, according to most gynecologists, the missionary position (with the woman lying on her back) will be a useful position that facilitates the movement of sperm into the uterus and fallopian tubes. Others say doggy style is better.

2) Is it necessary to have an orgasm to get pregnant?

Conception (part of the reproductive process) and orgasm (part of sexual satisfaction) are two different matters. It is not necessary to have an organism to conceive a baby, but a female climax can help somewhat. How? A female organism is formed by uterine contractions and can push or push sperm into the fallopian tubes.

3) Is it true that dying to get pregnant prevents conception?

When describing your anxiety about not getting pregnant quickly to your friends, you may have heard the answer: “You think about it too much! You better forget about it, it will come by itself!” Pretty easy to say, right? The truth is, there is some truth in what your friends are saying! Don’t stress over the idea of ​​getting pregnant. Stress will affect your menstrual cycle and it will be more difficult to determine when you are most fertile. Additionally, stress can prevent ovulation. Relax as much as possible!

4) Does it help to eat chocolate or spinach?

Not exactly! What you should do is avoid fast food and eat a balanced diet of whole foods rich in vegetables, fruits and grains. Eat foods rich in folic acid!

5) Does smoking prevent me from getting pregnant?

Smoking is not really a barrier to getting pregnant. It happens to many women. However, it has been shown that smoking can affect fertility in both men and women. It is much better to cut down on smoking.

6) How can I determine when I am most fertile?

You can count the days, check your cervical mucus and even record your basal body temperature.


Natural Fertility Methods

Are there any other tricks or even methods to increase fertility and give you a faster chance of getting pregnant? Of course there is! Michelle has seen various specialists and never got pregnant. She thought she would never have a baby. Fortunately, Michelle finally gave birth to a son after a plan that worked in just 4 months.

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