4 Steps to Reduce Air Pollution Naturally

Many products we use today contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, most of these products end up in landfills, which increases air pollution. In addition, the number of gasoline-powered cars is increasing. Therefore, reducing air pollution has become even more difficult. Air quality is associated with many health conditions such as global warming and asthma. In this article, we will talk about a few steps that can help you clean your air.

Step 1: Understand the source of the pollution

According to reports from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, there are six main causes of air pollution in the United States. There is also carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, particulate matter and ground-level ozone.

All these elements are responsible for causing air pollution. Although ozone protects our planet from the sun’s harmful rays, ground-level ozone is the result of a mixture of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.

Therefore, we need to make a collective effort to reduce car exhaust emissions, gasoline vapors and power plant emissions. If you reduce these elements, you can reduce ground-level ozone.

Step 2: Only use your cars when necessary

Today, cars are responsible for creating ground-level ozone. Also, gasoline production includes the burning of coal and oil. And this process increases the level of sulfur dioxide, which is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution.

According to the EPA, oil refineries produce a lot of sulfur dioxide. Therefore, if you use your personal vehicle on a daily basis, it will create more air pollution. While you can’t stop using your personal vehicle, you can at least reduce your use.

Step 3: Keep More Plants in Your Home

According to NASA, many houseplants can absorb carbon monoxide very well. Some good examples of these herbs include English Ivy, Peace Lily, and Gerbera Daily. Basically, the function of these indoor plants is to filter harmful chemicals from the air.

Apart from that, its leaves can absorb toxins through the tiny pores found in its leaves. They can also digest pollution through their trunks and roots. Therefore, you can significantly reduce your indoor air pollution by having these plants in your home.

Step 4: Use Solar Power Plants

Another important step is to reduce your dependence on power plants. According to reports, these power plants are responsible for producing a lot of nitrogen oxides. So if you shift your domestic power needs to your solar system, you can do a great job of reducing air pollution.

Long story short, if you follow these 4 steps, you can do your part in reducing air pollution. Another easy way out is to install a good Olansi air purifier in your home. These units can easily filter polluted particles from your indoor air with an effect.

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