Why Organic Shampoo Hair Care Products For Baby Boomers Mean Longer Healthy Lives?

In 2009, baby boomers in the US will reach their mid-60s. they seek the truth organic shampoo and hair care products to maintain vitality and youth. They are trying to prevent hair and scalp problems after years of chemical abuse and critical illnesses that occur with aging.

The aging baby boom population will contribute to the increase in organic shampoo and hair care products. According to market research publisher Packaged Facts, they estimated that shampoo and hair care will grow from $1.3 billion to $1.7 billion by 2010. 57 million Americans use some form of natural personal care or organic shampoo and hair care products. That’s 20% of the US population. This is huge.

Consumer health, who buys organic and natural personal care products, is at its core. They are concerned about toxic, chemical substances that seep into their bloodstream and cause damage as their bodies age.

Americans and Europeans are leading the way. They are looking for 100% safe; pure organic shampoo and hair care products. And they are more aware of companies cheating with misleading labels.

These misguided products are boldly marked with the word 100% natural or organic, but are made up of artificial ingredients, fertilizers, pesticides, and human-modified ingredients. Wow. Then they force you to read the very thin ingredient label on the products. Labels that even a magnifying glass cannot sharpen.

Below are the 5 components of 100%; real organic shampoo and hair care products.

  • Biodegradable (breakdown into harmless products by air, water and bacteria)
  • No Chemical Residue Left Behind
  • non-toxic
  • Not tested on animals
  • And Enriched With Vitamins

In other words, more GREEN keeps you and the environment cleaner!

Real organic shampoos and personal care products are made from fruits or botanicals, not cheap preservatives and the like to increase profits. 100% pure organic shampoo and hair care products are more expensive than their average counterparts. Growing natural fruit and plants is labor-intensive and farming methods have strict rules. At times, organic farming costs can skyrocket, causing a sharp rise in prices.

Baby Boomers and consumers are willing to pay for organic products that work. They nourish fresh clean scents, baby softness; real efficiency organic shampoo and hair care products. Not to mention the healthy years that benefit their minds and lifestyles.

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