What Are the Best Sleep Positions During Pregnancy?

There are many different things that expectant mothers should pay attention to when they are pregnant; the food they eat, the medications they take, the activities they do, and even the position they sleep in.

For many mothers, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. As the baby begins to grow in them, the weight and size of the fetus can make it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Unable to find a sleeping position that makes them feel comfortable, they toss and turn throughout the night. But choosing the right sleeping position during pregnancy isn’t just about comfort.

Finding the right position to sleep during pregnancy is also a health concern for both mother and baby. Doctors have a recommended sleeping position for expectant mothers. It is a side-lying position, and especially Left side. Why is this?

Sleeping on your left side while pregnant is actually good for the mother and her baby. It improves blood and nutrient flow to the placenta. It also takes the pressure off your major organs like your kidneys. This allows the kidneys to efficiently remove waste products from your body. It also keeps the baby’s weight off your liver.

Sleeping on your back puts the baby’s weight directly on the spine, intestines, and inferior vena cava (the large vein that carries blood from the lower body to the heart). This can lead to backaches and hemorrhoids.

Some women find it difficult to maintain the side position. It may not be a position they find natural or comfortable, especially if they are used to sleeping on their back or stomach. No matter how hard they try to sleep next to them, they can still wake up at night to find themselves on their backs. But there is a simple tool that expectant mothers can use to sleep comfortably in the right position.

The best thing a mother-to-be can use to maintain the side position is a birth pillow. Maternity pillows are specially designed pillows to support the baby’s weight and keep the expectant mother in the right position throughout the night. They also lead to a more comfortable night’s sleep because by maintaining sleeping positions during pregnancyMany of the discomforts that a pregnant woman feels while sleeping disappear.

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