Pregnant Women Need Proper Musculoskeletal Care During Pregnancy

Many women experience musculoskeletal problems during their pregnancy. It is common to have lower back pain, pelvic girdle and/or neck discomfort, and upper back pain. This occurs as the pregnancy progresses due to the increased internal weight and size of the baby and the postural changes to which the expectant mother is exposed. This article will discuss the musculoskeletal conditions that occur during pregnancy and possible palliative care. A specific case study by the author will also be provided as an example that the reader may find helpful and helpful.

A recent research study published in BMJ Open in August 2017 noted that musculoskeletal pain is a common cause of sick leave during pregnancy. An electronic survey of 6686 new mothers from 12 European countries found that 8% took sick leave during their pregnancy because of pain in the neck, back or pelvic girdle. These findings reveal the need for musculoskeletal care to help reduce pain and sick leave during pregnancy.

When I first started my chiropractic practice 33 years ago, I treated a patient named Donna. Donna had a desk job and found that her monthly chiropractic adjustments relieved her of neck and lower back pain. She became pregnant with her second child and we continued her regular treatments. After I had the baby, I asked how the birth went. She said: “I wish I had known about the chiropractic adjustments when I had my first child.” She told that her second pregnancy was much easier, her birth was more comfortable and shorter than her first child. She stated that she did not receive chiropractic care during her first pregnancy and although there were no complications, it was not easy.

I’ve seen many similar results over the years. Pregnant women who receive chiropractic care experience more comfortable pregnancies and easier, faster delivery times. Chiropractic research confirms these facts.

There are chiropractic graduate classes that focus on treating pregnant women using the Webster Technique. Training during the Webster Technique work emphasizes the anatomical study of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves of the body. In addition, there are trainings on the physiology of pregnancy and its effects on the woman and the developing fetus. The Webster Technique also teaches the gentle manipulative procedures chiropractors use to keep pregnant women’s pelvis and lower spine in good alignment. This method is a safe, gentle and drug-free alternative way of helping women during pregnancy.

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