Pits and Effects on the Health of Pregnant Women

It is estimated that 650 potholes are drilled every minute, or 341,640,000 per year, on North American streets and highways. It would take $51,264,000,000 to restore them faithfully. This type of money does not exist in today’s economy. Even at the best of times, such money was not easily accessible. It’s sad to say, but many towns, cities, counties and states are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the funds needed to repair, rehabilitate or rebuild our pavement infrastructure are diverted elsewhere. What impact is the lack of funding having on the auto community? The neglected state of our pavements deeply affects every man, woman and child. Their mental and physical health is greatly affected by pits and they can be devastating. Unrepaired potholes can cause accidents that result in death, injury and economic hardship, which can result in extensive lawsuits. This is no more evident than in the streets of the city of Mumbai (officially called Mumbai) in India. A recent newspaper article shows how devastating the effect of pits can be on the health of pregnant women. Potholes on the streets of Mumbai are blamed for the rise in the number of miscarriages by women who were seriously injured while walking over them.

Doctors said pits were responsible for a 10 percent increase in the number of expectant mothers forced to terminate their pregnancies in the past two years. President of the federation of the Indian Obstetrics and Gynecology Society, Dr. “Women who travel a lot on bad roads often come with bleeding and a pregnancy is lost,” said Narendra Malhotra. His comments came after a survey of more than 200 pregnant women.

Municipal officials in Mumbai said there were 1,177 potholes on the city’s 1,900km roads. Of these 918 holes, only 259 were filled. But the local resident said the repair was temporary and took more than a few days before the potholes reappeared. They launched a citywide campaign to force the municipality to fix it.

Three years ago, the Supreme Court ordered authorities to have the city’s notorious roads repaired within a month after a Doctor filed a public interest petition. Although authorities complied, the relatively smooth road surfaces only lasted a few weeks before they were again pitted by huge potholes.

The above illustrates the devastating effect of multiple and large pits on women’s pregnancies. It also shows how difficult it is to permanently repair potholes. The larger a pothole, the more difficult it is to repair it. Repairing pits very rarely results in permanent repair.

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