Boobs and Why Men Love Them

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) wondered, “Seriously, they’re just boobs. Every second person in the world has them.” Certainly, every second person in the world has it. Your mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your teacher Bruce Jenner… Oops! Caitlyn Jenner. Anyway, the basic point is that boobs are not that important. They are round, fluffy, fat, just like drooping extras on the female anatomy. There is nothing breathtaking about it.

But we have to face it. Men are wired to adore them. Heterosexual men and, of course, women. Besides the sexual impression that boobs have, the question of the day is: Would they like boobs if something was wrong? No, it’s not breast cancer.

  1. polymastia (Accessory breasts): A more scientific name maternal disorders. Besides movie fiction fans, cases of polymastia have been reported since the 15th century. Here is another surprise. These extra mammary glands are not always found in the breast. a woman named Therese Ventre Marseille, France had an extra nipple on her thigh. By the time he reaches puberty, he’s very mature. She became pregnant and was able to provide milk through them. TRUE. The milk passes through their breasts, which are located on their thighs.

  2. breastless boobs: It’s not documented as such, but it’s definitely a frenzy among the few. Surgical removal of the nipples is something doctors have to go through. More philosophically, few of those with breast cancer also have the condition. Having perfectly smooth, round breasts is something few women dream of. But honestly, nipples are the best part of a glowing bust. right guys?

  3. The biggest: According to a detailed study from 2013, men who like big breasts are financially insecure. In that case, those who fell in love with Annie Hawkins-Turner will go to hell and be homeless. He officially broke all records. She holds the record for the World’s Largest Natural Breasts with a 48V bra size, measuring 72 inches all around and 43 inches under the bust. Guess all her friends could be chiropractors. No offense Annie. You go girl!

  4. Gynecomastia: They are also known as male breasts. It is self explanatory. But the strange fact is that there are a few guys who get it surgically. Actually heterosexual men. A man from New York named Adam Carolla got his own beauties because he couldn’t find a girlfriend. No comments dude. Whatever works for you. You just keep doing what you have to do.

  5. Paget’s Disease: A malignant breast disease involving changes in the skin and nipples. At first, the skin develops an eczema-like rash. Later bloody or straw-colored discharge. Nipple may turn inward.

So, back to the question of the hour. Even if the breasts are not perfect, are they still extremely sexy and interesting? Ask yourself this question, maybe then we can take a look at beautiful women with large mammary glands.

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