Air Pollution and Environment

Whether we want to admit it or even want to think about it, air pollution is a real problem and continues to affect our environment and our lives every day. It is a very real problem that affects everyone, even if rural people easily forget that such a problem exists (because they don’t see smoke and factories on a daily basis) or remember the reasons (fewer cars on the roads). . Sometimes we cannot ignore this pollution. For example, walking past a factory pumping clouds of smoke into the sky or standing in front of us in a traffic jam smelling the exhaust of a car, it’s hard not to imagine what harm it does to our bodies.

What is air pollution?

Air pollution consists of various chemicals and gases that pass into our atmosphere. The main cause of this unwanted pollution is vehicles. The second is industrial factories that emit polluted and dangerous fumes into the atmosphere.

Why is air pollution dangerous?

  • Health reasons: Pollution has been associated with numerous types of diseases, including strokes, heart problems, and respiratory issues.
  • Global warming: Air pollution is responsible for global warming. This phenomenon causes a gradual but persistent increase in the temperature of our planet. It is already affecting all ecosystems and will melt polar ice caps that will raise sea levels if not stopped. This will cause flooding in coastal cities like New York and London.
  • Ozone layer: air pollution causes the ozone layer to shrink, reducing its ability to protect us from ultraviolet radiation. This not only causes skin cancer, but also harms wildlife and plants.
  • Acid rain: Some pollutants can cause rain to turn into acid rain. This has a great effect on animals, fish and plants immersed in it. Acid rain can also affect the soil, making it toxic to many animals and plants.

How can we fight air pollution?

  • One way would be to use Hybrid vehicles. These vehicles produce about a quarter of the pollution of an average vehicle. Imagine the global effects if everyone starts using such tools.
  • Using green energy such as wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric, geothermal energy and biomass energy instead of using fossil fuels for energy will also have a big impact on air pollution.

As this problem seems to get worse over time and we may get to the point where we are damaging the environment irreversibly, the only logical solution is for everyone to adopt ways of reducing air pollution in the hope that it will eventually disappear one day. . Perhaps the only way to achieve this is through education: although most people are familiar with air pollution and how it occurs, and are generally aware of its effects, many prefer to turn their heads away from dealing with this growing problem. . The only way to truly tackle this problem is to start with the young: if we can collectively get our grandchildren to change their paths permanently by learning from our mistakes, then perhaps there is still hope for our planet and ourselves.

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